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ASEBA - Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment

The ASEBA is a comprehensive evidence-based assessment system developed through decades of research and practical experience. The ASEBA assesses competencies, adaptive functioning, personal strengths, and behavioral, emotional, social, and thought problems from age 1½ to 90+ years. 

ASEBA forms make it easy to assess clients’ strengths and problems, as seen by clients and by people who know them. Scores for strengths and problems are displayed on profiles in relation to norms for the clients’ age and gender, the role of the person who completed the ASEBA form (e.g., self, parent, teacher, spouse, partner), and user-selected multicultural norms.


ASEBA-PC software makes it easy to manage intake, progress, and outcome data obtained with ASEBA forms. Modules are available for preschool forms (CBCL/1½-5-LDS, C-TRF/1½-5), school-age forms (CBCL/6-18, TRF/6-18, YSR/11-18, BPM/6-18), adult forms (ABCL/18-59, ASR/18-59, BPM/18-59), and older adult forms (OABCL/60-90+, OASR/60-90+). The MFAM enables you to enter, score, and compare data from the CBCL/6-18, TRF, YSR, ASR, and ABCL, with multicultural options.

  • ASEBA-PC creates easy-to-read intake, progress, and outcome profiles of normed scale scores and narrative reports exportable to screen, printer, TIFF, and PDF files, including A4 and U.S. paper sizes.
  • Profiles include competence, adaptive functioning, syndromes, DSM-oriented scales, Internalizing, Externalizing, Total Problems, and Other Problems. 
  • Item ratings are displayed with each profile, enabling you to quickly see both the profile pattern and the specific item ratings. 
  • ASEBA-PC has multicultural options for ages 1½-5, 6-18, 18-59, and the MFAM.
  • Narrative reports display ratings for critical items that are of particular clinical concern.
  • Modules display cross-informant comparisons of data from up to 10 forms, including item ratings, correlations between informants, and bar graphs of scale scores. (BPM displays cross-informant comparisons of 4 forms.)
  • Export data for statistical analyses and other purposes.
  • Client data is stored on your computer or network storage, not on overseas servers.

System Requirements: Windows® 10, 8, or 7; 1GB of available RAM, 2GB of available disk space, and 2 cores. ASEBA-PC can also be used on Macintosh computers with computer virtualization software such as Bootcamp, Parallels, and VMware.

ASEBA-PC is available on CD-ROM or can be delivered via a download link to your email. Please specify in the comments field when purchasing how you would like to receive the software.

Software purchases only include an install license for one computer. To install on a network server for multiple users to share please contact us at


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