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Research publications from our research teams.

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Author(s): Alex Neill, Melanie Berg and Liesje Stevens
Publication type: Research summary

This report summarises research carried out for the Commission for Financial Capability into financial capability in secondary schools. We also produced a brochure for schools and parents, setting out the main findings from the research. More information is available from the commission.

3 July 2015
Author(s): Nicola Bright, Alex Hotere-Barnes and Jessica Hutchings
Publication type: Research report

This report from the Ka Whānau Mai Te Reo project puts the spotlight on te reo Māori at times of transition.  It explores the diverse aspirations whānau have for their reo development and it looks at the pathways available to whānau to support those aspirations at three key points: starting school, moving from primary to secondary school, and moving beyond secondary school.

9 June 2015
Author(s): Sally Boyd, Rosemary Hipkins
Publication type: Research report

The Sport in Education initiative was introduced by Sport NZ in 2013 to demonstrate the contribution that the context and concepts of sport can make to enhancing teaching and learning for schools and students. Eight schools were chosen to demonstrate that this approach is equally valid across genders, geographic locations, roll sizes and differing socioeconomic environments.

30 May 2015
Author(s): Sally Boyd and Rachel Felgate
Publication type: Research report

This report summarises the findings from the final phase of an evaluation of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) School-Wide. It describes the extent of implementation of School-Wide in schools, identifies short-term shifts and considers the longer term sustainability of the initiative.

The report is available on the Education Counts website here.

30 May 2015
Author(s): Rosemary Hipkins
Publication type: Research report

This report explores teachers' practice and thinking about one of the eight principles in the New Zealand Curriculum, learning to learn. It draws on data from teachers' responses to NZCER's 2012 National Survey of Secondary Schools. The author discusses the meaning and potential of the phrase 'learning to learn' and uses the survey data to look at teachers' practice. The report includes ideas for strengthening learning to learn approaches in schools.

26 March 2015
Author(s): Wylie, C, & Burgon, J.
Publication type: Research report

SpringboardTrust is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to improve student outcomes through improving the effectiveness of principals. Its work addresses a conspicuous absence in the support needed for principals in the New Zealand self-managing schools system.

NZCER was asked to evaluate the short-term impact of SpringboardTrust’s flagship programme, the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme (SLPP). Since 2007 SLPP has provided customised leadership development for 120 principals whose schools serve in total close to 41,719 students. It is a year-long programme.  

2 March 2015
Author(s): Wylie, C., Burgon, J., & Cosslett, G
Publication type: Journal article


New Zealand’s public schools have an unusual degree of self-management. Each school has its own parent-elected board of trustees, responsible for the employment of the principal and school performance. Schools operate within national legislation, following the New Zealand Curriculum, but they operate on their own, without ongoing support from, or participation in, a school district. School leaders enjoy autonomy, and yet they also see the need for better connections between schools and across the system, and they find their own career pathways limited.

2 March 2015
Author(s): Cathy Wylie
Publication type: Conference paper

Paper for the AARE-NZARE conference, Brisbane, 30 November – 4 December 2014.

5 May 2017
Publication type: Research summary

This summary outlines key findings from the first phase of an evaluation of Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide (PB4L-SW). This evaluation is being conducted over 2013-2015 by NZCER for the Ministry of Education.  

6 July 2015
Author(s): Jenny Whatman and Ally Bull
Publication type: Paper

This paper explores the work of professional learning and development (PLD) facilitators working in New Zealand schools on Ministry of Education contracts. It describes what PLD facilitation work is, and examines how well facilitators are prepared for the job they are doing. The second part of the paper looks at the impact of recent and changing requirements on facilitators and considers how the job may need to continue to change to meet the needs of teachers and students in the future.

13 April 2015