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PAT: Listening Comprehension

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About PAT: Listening Comprehension

The test for Years 3-10 assesses a student's comprehension of texts read to them. It uses short stories, extracts from novels, poems and nonfiction items. Because the student is listening rather than reading, their response provides information about meaning making that is independent of their ability to decode text.

The test includes content which assesses a student’s ability to understand that more than one meaning can be made of a piece of text. It also tests their understanding of the patterns of stress and intonation in language, known as prosodic features. As with PAT: Reading Comprehension (2008), the large majority of questions require students to infer as opposed to simply recall information. Placed alongside PAT:Reading Comprehension, it will give teachers a better understanding of their students’ thinking about texts. For full information you can download the PAT: Listening Comprehension information brochure.


  • Multiple tests reflect expected progress through the curriculum. Teachers choose appropriate tests for students well above or well below - these students do not need to sit the year level test.
  • Student-centred and relevant, giving an immediate picture of how students are achieving and progressing against the curriculum. Provides trustworthy evidence of achievement, useful for transition data of students’ learning pathways.
  • Curriculum progressions built into multi-choice questions supporting teachers’ moderation and analysis of curriculum levels and needs.
  • All Students’ results end up on one scale no matter which test they sit. This allows for accurate school-wide and/or CoL-wide reporting for strategic goal setting and planning.
  • CoL/multi-school analysis reporting for trends, patterns and shift using ethnic, gender and year level filters for targeted improvement in teaching and learning.

Ordering paper tests

Tests can only be purchased by schools, registered teachers, or parents/caregivers of homeschooled children with a current exemption certificate.

See PAT: Listening Comprehension unpacked for more detail about starter kits and the different items that make up the test package.

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Administering and marking the paper test

The test is administered by the teacher. The instructions, texts and questions are read to students on CD. The teacher script provides the test administrator with advice, instructions on what to say between test items and the CD track numbers. You’ll also find detailed information in the teacher manual.

The test time is 40 minutes, or approximately 50 minutes when tasks such as distribution of materials and explanations are included.

CDs  no longer available

Audio files used to administer the tests are available as MP4 downloads only. Email and we'll provide access to the files.    

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NOTE:   The use of photocopied test material (including answer sheets) is a breach of copyright.