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Author(s): Léonie Rennie and Terry McClafferty

Practical advice for teachers with a review of science learning in Australia.

Author(s): Geraldine McDonald and Gillian Tasker

An innovative approach for introducing an HIV/AIDS topic to the health curriculum, showing the importance of involving parents in knowledge transference.

Author(s): Susie Groves and Jill Cheeseman

Exciting ways young children use calculators. And no, calculators do not inhibit learning.

Author(s): Colin Baker

An account of the important work by Joshua Fishman on reversing language shift which highlights the precarious state of the Māori and Aboriginal languages.

Author(s): Clive Aspin

The first comprehensive study in New Zealand which shows that children taught mathematics in a second language (in this case Māori) achieved better than comparable children at a neighbouring...

Author(s): Mere Berryman, Pauline Bidois, Marama Furlong, Kathryn Atvars, and Ted Glynn

Classroom teachers report on their success with the Māori version of the highly proclaimed Pause Prompt Praise reading tutoring programme. In a surprise result, student tutors improved their...

Author(s): Robert D. Phillips, Alan J. Watson, and Claire Y. Wille

Using outstanding teachers of primary school composite classes researchers have developed a series of maxims which could be useful for other teachers.

Author(s): Dianne Loughhead Cooper

A code of silence is broken. Here are the health problems that are not often talked about in the staffroom.

Author(s): Wendy Geoghegan

Arts education is more than entertainment or an after-school pursuit. Lessons to be learnt from a "dramatic" learning experience, based on role play and research into native American tribes.

Author(s): Michio Kaku

Something to expand our horizons: the 21st century has accidentally fallen into the 20th century, bringing with it white holes, wormholes and the tenth dimension.

Author(s): Susan Dymock

Researchers and teachers both overseas and in New Zealand are all but unanimous that children should be encouraged to read during and outside school hours. It would appear that New Zealand primary...

Author(s): Adapted by Susan Dymock

How much do your students read? Here is a quick way of finding out. Note: this TRT has been designed with New Zealand children in mind. An adaptation could be made for Australian readers, see the...

Author(s): Cedric Croft

An interpretation of the new curriculum framework from an assessment point of view.

Author(s): Nigel Hastings and Josh Schwieso

Flexible seating arrangements to suit all types of learning.

Author(s): Jacqui Kerslake

From 1996 all schools will operate under a 4 term structure, unless they apply for a variation. Words of advice from a 4 term trial which will help schools prepare for the change and give pointers...