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Author(s): Bev Webber

As we bring you this first issue of set for 2007, a number of key issues for education have already emerged and as the year goes on we will bring you both research and informed comment on these...

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Author(s): Juliet Smith

The family is one of the sites for literacy learning and that families vary both between themselves and according to culture. This article provides some suggestions with the aim of encouraging a...

Author(s): Glenda Anthony and Margaret Walshaw

This article reports on the ways in which effective teachers plan instructional tasks that provide diverse learners with opportunities to access and engage with important mathematical concepts and...

Author(s): Kate Ridley

This article summarises the main findings from a literature review exploring thinking skills in the early years (for children aged 3 to 7) and provides some practical recommendations for teachers...

Author(s): Ally Bull, Chris Joyce, and Rosemary Hipkins

This article proposes that if we want students to care about and for the environment they need to develop an understanding of the "big picture"—that is, how the separate elements of a system...

Author(s): Philippa Hunter and Bruce Farthing

This article presents evidence of the first activity in a sequence of history pedagogy Thinking About History that engaged learners in connecting to their pasts as a way into history.

Author(s): Sarah Boyd

A new series in which we ask a leading researcher to distil three key ideas from an aspect of their work over the years.

Author(s): Cathy Wylie

A review of school self-management across several research surveys and sources of data leads Cathy Wylie to recommend five measures to help support school boards of trustees.  

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Author(s): Tom Cavanagh

This article looks at restorative practices as a tool to reduce bullying in schools and emphasises the importance of healing broken relationships, particularly between students causing harm and...

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Author(s): Veronica Butterworth and Jill Bevan-Brown

This article shows that generating ngā ara whakamihi (praise pathways) through a context of praise enabled Māori students to feel safe and supported, both culturally and educationally, and that...

Free full text: PDF icon set2007_1_036.pdf
Author(s): Deborah Fraser, Graham Price, Viv Aitken, with Gay Gilbert, Amanda Klemick , Lisa Rose, and Shirley Tyson

This article explores the notion of “relational pedagogy” in the Arts (drama, dance, music, and visual art) starting with the teacher–child relationship, peer relationships, and building...

Free full text: PDF icon Relational_pedagogy_set2007_1_042.pdf
Author(s): Margaret Walshaw and Glenda Anthony

This article explores how teachers work at establishing a web of relationships within the mathematics classroom community that will lead to learning.

Author(s): Charles Darr

This article explains how to use percentiles in interpreting test results, and decision making about teaching and learning.

Author(s): NZCER

In 2006, we looked at how primary school were getting on with the planning and reporting requirements which came into place in 2003. Thank you to the 180 principals and 279 teachers who took part...