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Author(s): Carol Mutch

The second edition of Doing Educational Research keeps the many features that made it such a successful book when it was first released in 2005. The research process is broken down into manageable steps with easy-to-understand explanations and concrete examples. It is designed to support educators at all levels to feel confident that they can undertake sound and ethical research. It is a popular text in research methods courses in New Zealand and widely used internationally.

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Author(s): Michele Morrison, Rachel McNae, Ross Notman

Ten inspirational case studies of how centre leaders, principals and leadership teams in high-needs New Zealand educational settings have enacted leadership towards a more equitable and democratic society. These stories share experiences of challenging leadership in diverse urban and rural contexts across early childhood, primary, intermediate and secondary schools.

Author(s): Margaret MacDonald

From a one-roomed school in the remote Far North of New Zealand, Elwyn Richardson became a radical and internationally-renowned teacher. This is his story and it is as inspirational and timely for educators and policy makers as ever. This book explores the man and the influence of the innovative pedagogy he developed at Oruaiti School from 1949 to 1962. Central to his philosophy was his use of the natural environment to create an integrated programme of art and science.

Author(s): Lexie Grudnoff. Fiona Ell. Mavis Haigh. Mary Hill. Kīmai Tocker

Provides practical examples of what it means to teach for equity, using teacher inquiry to make positive changes in the classroom.

Author(s): Clare Henderson, Deborah Fraser, Graham Price
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Author(s): Jannie van Hees
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Author(s): Edited by Sue Middleton and Helen May

Available Suffrage Day - 19 September

A tribute to the work of Geraldine McDonald (1926–2018), a pioneer of feminist research and political advocacy in early childhood.

Author(s): Mike Taylor and Louise Richards and John Morgan

This book is a comprehensive and stimulating discussion of issues-based geography education in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is an essential read for geography teachers and educators from the wider social sciences.

Author(s): Caterina Murphy, Jo Dean, Valerie Margrain

ISBN 978-1-927231-55-5


This book is about changing perceptions—helping parents, early years teachers, and other key individuals to understand giftedness, and providing them with resources to help in identification and assessment for learning.

The main audience is teachers in the early years, but the content will also be informative and helpful to parents, managers, principals, policy makers and researchers. The book draws on a range of overseas and New Zealand research evidence and literature, shares teaching and research experience, and suggests practical resources that have been found helpful for the early years educational context. 

Author(s): Helen May and Kerry Bethell

Generations of New Zealanders have memories of themselves or their children at kindergarten, and new memories are being made every day.  The first kindergartens appeared here in colonial times—a revolutionary idea imported from Germany that suggested children would unfold through play. This book tells the story of how those ideas were adopted, adapted, and thrived in New Zealand. 

Author(s): Agnes McFarland rāua ko Nathan Matthews

Ko te kete whakawaitara, he kete whakairo. He kete i waihangahia mai i te Whareporahau o Hineteiwaiwa. Ko ngā tuhinga kōrero kai roto i tēneki pukapuka i whaowhia mai ki te kete whakawaitara a Hineteiwaiwa hai whātui i ngā rauhī whakatara ā-rangahau.

Author(s): Mark Sheehan, Martyn Davison, Paul Enright

This book is aimed at teachers working with young people to think critically about the past. Its blend of fresh thinking, classroom activities and the latest research make it essential reading for the secondary social sciences community.

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Author(s): Michael Harcourt and Mark Sheehan

History Matters reflects the dynamic nature of teaching and learning history in New Zealand secondary classrooms. It demonstrates not only the wealth of enthusiasm and expertise within the history teaching community, but also a commitment by teachers to developing a research literature on historical thinking that is ‘for teachers and by teachers’. The book bridges the gap between theory and practice among history teachers.

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Author(s): Elwyn S. Richardson

In The Early World helped change the course of education in New Zealand and across the world.

Elwyn Richardson and his small rural primary school at Oruaiti in Northland in the 1950s became an international symbol of progressive education in New Zealand with a child-centred approach to learning focusing on creative and environmental education.

In the Early World was first published in 1964 and we are delighted to release the third edition of this important book. This edition is again in full colour and includes several new photographs and artworks from Elwyn's collection, giving readers a better feel for the richness and creativity of the Oruaiti school environment. The 1961 publication 40 Oruaiti Prints, produced with the help of Peter Smith,  has also been included here as an appendix. The book contains a new foreword by educationalist Dr Gwenneth Phillips, as well as an epilogue by Dr Margaret Macdonald which brings the story up to the present day.

Also available in hardcover.

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Author(s): Kay Morris Matthews
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Author(s): Jane Tilson and Susan Sandretto

This resource is for teachers who want to build their future-focussed literacy practice. Featuring video, reflective questions, discussion starters and support material, it is designed to help teachers shift their literacy programmes to encompass a broader view of literary that includes visual, audio and multimedia texts. It will help teachers support their students to strengthen skills of code breaking, making meaning and using, constructing and critically analysing a wide range of texts in many different contexts.

Author(s): Agnes McFarland

This collection of essays explores histories, people and places of significance, and takes the reader into the oral arts, including haka, karakia, and waiata. It is a valuable, instructive and entertaining read for students, speakers and readers of te reo Māori, and an important addition to secondary and tertiary libraries.

Ko tā te whare, ko tā te rohe rānei, he whakaohooho ake i ngā mea kua moe roa ki roto i a koe. Ka titiro atu koe ki tētahi mea, ki tētahi whenua, ki tētahi awa, ki tētahi kāinga, ki tētahi tangata ka hokia mai anō aua whakaaro me ngā āhuatanga i kite ai koe i te wā i a koe e tamariki ana. Ka tīkina atu e koe i roto i te hinengaro, i roto i ōu mahara, ka whakaohoohotia ake e koe. Koirā te wā kua ihi, kua wehi mai ki roto i a koe. Kai roto i tēneki pukapuka e kitea ai te wairua o te kupu, a tēnā kaiwhakairo i te kupu, whakaniko i te kupu ātaahua o roto mai i te rohe o Matāatua.

Author(s): Agnes McFarland (Ētita)

Agnes McFarland (Ētita)

Ko te tuhituhi o te whakaritenga o te whakaaro o tēnei pukapuka he whakatakoto huarahi ki ngā kāinga kōrero i tipu i roto i ngā tau kia kaua e wareware kia kitea ō mātau, ō tātau kanohi ngā kaituhi, ēnei kaituhi ki ngā hapori reo o tōu whānau, hapū, iwi. Kai kona te tika, kai kona te ora, kai kona e hora ai te kupu kia kaua e noho noa ki runga i te whārangi kohokoho, maremare ai. Koia te kaupapa o tēnei tuhituhi kia tipu ngā momo whakataurite, te anga whakaputanga o ngā whakahoutanga o te whakaaro mā tātau katoa ngā kaituhi me te hunga kai te piki ake.

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