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Student engagement—Me and My School

Student engagement with learning is critical 

Student engagement with learning is critical for equitable learning opportunities. The Me and My School survey uses a research-based definition of the three aspects of student engagement: cognitive, behavioural, and emotional/affective. 

The data provides an insight into how students see themselves as learners, which helps understand learning from the learner's point of view. 

The 'introduction' workshop is ideal for schools new to the tool. The 'analysis' workshop is for  leaders who want to understand the data from their school/s. 

Me and My School analysis

This one hour workshop supports leaders to explore their Me and My School reports. The facilitated conversation will guide leaders to connect and reflect on the impact of the teaching and learning from the learners’ point of view through analysing the reports.

The workshop will help you:

  • understand the three aspects of student engagement and their place in improving teaching and learning
  • interpret the reports (class, year and schoolwide)
  • critically reflect on the impact of this information on improving learning in your school

Before the workshop, our advisers will analyse of your school’s survey data.

Cost: $195 + GST per hour

Please read the terms and conditions.