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Author(s): Rae Munroe

The original planning committee of the Whanau House design stated its expectations in Secondary Schools for Tomorrow. The expectations were that the House would be 'more intimate', provide 'room...

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Author(s): Alison St. George

What do New Zealand teachers expect of their pupils? Are their expectations culturally stereotyped? Do they treat some pupils differently because of their stereotypes?

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Author(s): Brian Easton

An economist looks at what it costs society to invest in children and their education- and what it pays.

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Author(s): Ian McGill

In 1979/80 the government set aside $1,047,140,000 for education. That is 5.2% of our Gross Domestic Product. Spending on Education has been increasing but now fewer babies are being born,...

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Author(s): Peter K. Smith

"What is believed to be essential for mental health is that the infant and young child should experience a warm, intimate and continuous relationship with his mother (or permanent mother-...

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Author(s): Jack Campbell

Is the issue worth investigating? After all, numerous studies have shown that the home environment is a major influence on behaviour, and, within the school, more promising variables for study...

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Author(s): Gene Glass and Mary Lee Smith

Teachers are almost universally agreed that large classes "are exhausting, a cause of frustration, and a reason for failure in basic subjects". Their views about what constitutes a "large" class...

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Author(s): Paul Power and John Longbottom

We still put children in classes. But we now believe that every child has a right to be taught the things that fit his or her needs, and taught them at the pace and in the manner that fits his...

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Author(s): Ann Lamont and Bruce McBride

In both Australia and NZ there has been a great deal of interest in the effects that external examinations have on the subjects taught and the way they are taught in secondary schools. In 1970...

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Author(s): Graham Wagner

In the late 1950s programmed learning was set to revolutionise teaching. B. F. Skinner started the movement in 1954 with a provocative paper entitled 'The Science of Learning and the Art of...

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Author(s): Warwick B. Elley

As teachers, we should be clear why we are testing. We should not test just because it is always done. Certainly, tests often do help motivate students to work harder. But the results can be...

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Author(s): Charles Taylor

What can a teacher, faced by the problem of helping immigrant second-language pupils in his or her class, learn from recent research? One important research project has made us aware of the sort...

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Ages, Stages, Classes, Years, Grades, and Systems compared

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