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Early Childhood Folio 6 (2002)


Author(s): Linda Mitchell
Author(s): Anne Meade and Anne Grey, with Liz Depree and Karen Hayward
Self-review of policies and procedures is now a requirement for early childhood services in New Zealand. This article describes the development of a resource kit for carrying out reviews of quality, The Quality Journey, and two pilot studies using it. Participants found several aspects of self-...
Author(s): Sue Dockett and Bob Perry
Starting school is a major life-event for all involved: children, families, preschool educators, and school staff. All groups engage in a range of activities designed to make the time of transition to school positive. Yet each group has different perceptions of, expectations for, and experiences...
Author(s): Wendy Lee, Ann Hatherly, and Karen Ramsey
The authors show how Information and Communication Technology (ICT), can enhance Learning Stories and benefit children, families, teachers, and the curriculum in general.
Author(s): Elizabeth Wood
Progression and continuity are considered to be indicators of quality and effectiveness in early childhood education, but there are different and sometimes competing definitions of these concepts.
Author(s): Sarah Te One
The challenges of sociocultural assessment are complex but exciting. Discussion and debate will help to broaden the boundaries and empower practitioners to reconceptualise assessment so that they focus not just on individual experiences, but also on the experiences of the group within the...
Author(s): Alexandra C. Gunn
The ideal that early childhood centres in Aotearoa/New Zealand are places where children and families “belong” raises questions for families who are in the process of looking for a centre to “belong” to. What image of inclusion with regard to disability, ethnicity, and diverse family structures do...
Author(s): Sue Wartmann
Interviews with nine families about the transition to school for their special needs children showed that parents faced rejection and a multitude of dilemmas over access to resources, specialist support, and the amount of time their child was able to have at school. Sue Wartmann offers a set of...