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Post-school learning

NZCER's Post-school learning work

Recent Post-school learning research publications

Author(s): Cathy Wylie
Research report - 2019
Author(s): Jenny Whatman, Jo MacDonald and Liesje Stevens

This report is the second annual evaluation report for the Teach First NZ pilot programme. 

Research report - 2015
Author(s): Karen Vaughan, Andrew Kear, Heath MacKenzie

This article examines a critical incident during research investigating a new assessment system for on-job learning in carpentry. 

Journal article - 2014
Author(s): Karen Vaughan

Lots of time and effort goes into OHS training, but which approaches really work? This article summarises the results of research into workplace learning.

Commentary - 2013
Author(s): Karen Vaughan, Hazel Phillips, Paul Dalziel and Jane Higgins
Research report - 2009