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Professional learning

NZCER's Professional learning work

Professional learning research projects

This evaluation aims to understand how well the Teach First NZ programme pilot delivered in partnership with the University of Auckland has been implemented and to what extent it has achieved its objectives. It is a four-year independent evaluation commissioned by the Ministry of Education (2013-2016).

Project leader(s):

This project undertook three case studies where students - and their teachers - had  access to different kinds of community and professional experts as part of their school-based learning. It investigated how these collaborations or partnerships arose and how they worked to transform "business as usual" curriculum, teaching, and learning.  We were particularly interested in understanding the professional learning and growth opportunities for the adults involved - the teachers, and the other professionals - that arose from these collaborations.

Project leader(s): Rachel Bolstad, Sue McDowall

An exploration of apprenticeship and "vocational thresholds" in three fields: general practice medicine, carpentry, and engineering.

Project leader(s): Karen Vaughan

The Teachers of Promise study (2005-2011) was a longitudinal study of 57 promising new primary and secondary teachers from their third to seventh years of teaching. The research aimed to uncover the factors that sustained and developed the commitment of a group of highly “promising” teachers over time — from their initial teacher education programmes, throughout their induction period and the following six years of teaching.

Project leader(s): Marie Cameron