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Curriculum and assessment

NZCER's Curriculum and assessment work

Curriculum and assessment research projects

Curriculum for the Future is a set of three resources designed to stimulate open-ended conversations about learning and curriculum today and into the future. Part 1 is a workshop resourcePart 2 is a live action role play game, and Part 3 is a digital game for iPad  or tablet.

Project leader(s): Rachel Bolstad

To what extent can games enable learners to develop their potential as expressed by the intentions of The New Zealand Curriculum? This project aims to build research knowledge about the role that games can play for diverse learners - and teachers - in New Zealand schools.

Project leader(s): Rachel Bolstad

This study is a collaboration between NZCER and the Educational Assessment Research Unit (EARU) of the University of Otago, on contract to the Ministry of Education.  A team of NZCER people is involved, with the project leaders listed above. You can find out more on the NMSSA website here.

The aim of NMSSA is to assess and understand student achievement. It shows what New Zealand students know, think, and can do, what they aspire to, and how they are realising their goals. It provides timely information and analysis to the Ministry of Education, the sector and the public on how well the educational system is delivering important educational outcomes.

Project leader(s): Charles Darr

Assessment Resources for Classroom Teachers and Students (ARCTS) is NZCER's current contract to the New Zealand Ministry of Education to provide assessment support for New Zealand teachers through supporting information and research-based resources for formative assessment in the classroom.

Project leader(s): Jonathan Fisher