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NZCER's Literacy work

Recent Literacy research publications

Author(s): Melanie Berg and Elliot Lawes
Research report - 2018
Author(s): Jan Eyre and Eliza de Waal
Research report - 2019
Author(s): Sue McDowall

This is the second report in the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) Project Plus series. It looks at literacy projects in the early childhood education and schools sector, funded by the TLRI between 2003 and 2014.

Research report - 2015
Author(s): Sue McDowall (New Zealand Council for Educational Research) and Judy Parr (University of Auckland)
Research report - 2012
Author(s): Sue McDowall
Book chapter - 2010
Author(s): Cedric Croft and Karen Dunn
Research report - 2002
Evaluation of the Literacy Professional Development Project
Author(s): S. McDowall, M. Cameron, R. Dingle, A. Gilmore, and L. MacGibbon
Research report - 2007
Author(s): Keren Brooking and Josie Roberts
Research report - 2007