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Author(s): Wylie, C.
Publication type: Book chapter

A book chapter in The Piketty Phenomenon: New Zealand perspectives 

About the book:

Few books have had the global impact of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. An overnight bestseller, Piketty’s assessment that inherited wealth will always grow faster, on average, than earned wealth has energised debate. Hailed as ‘bigger than Marx’ (The Economist) or dismissed as ‘medieval’ (Wall Street Journal), the book is widely acknowledged as having significant economic and political implications.

2 March 2014
Author(s): Cameron, M, and Lovett, S.
Publication type: Journal article

This article has been published in the journal Teachers and Teaching, Theory and Practice. It reports on the factors that continued to sustain the initial commitment of a group of 57 primary and secondary teachers who had been identified early in their careers as individuals showing “promise” and who were predicted to make a significant contribution to teaching.

26 January 2014
Author(s): Rachel Bolstad, Cathy Buntting
Publication type: Professional learning resource

This document was developed in 2013 to support teachers and others to engage with findings from the e-in-science research project, carried out by the University of Waikato and the New Zealand Council for Educational Research under contract to the Ministry of Education.

3 May 2015
Author(s): Rachel Bolstad, Rosemary Hipkins and Liesje Stevens
Publication type: Research report

This exploratory study considers the feasibility of measuring the "international capabilities" of New Zealand students in Years 12-13. The work was done by NZCER for the Ministry of Education and is available on the Education Counts website.

22 July 2014
Author(s): Rosemary Hipkins, Sue McDowall
Publication type: Journal article

The key competencies are a potentially transformative feature of the New Zealand Curriculum. However, the way in which they have been understood and implemented in schools points to tensions and challenges that may prevent them from acting as agents of curriculum change. One recent researcher /practitioner partnership developed materials that show how a close interweaving of key competencies and traditional subject learning might transform the taught curriculum.

29 December 2013
Author(s): Alex Barnes
Publication type: Working paper

This recent working paper focuses on how Pākehā have become involved in Māori-determined and controlled educational research, and what issues inhibit and facilitate their work. You can find out more by watching the video clip, in which researcher Alex Hotere-Barnes talks to Sarah Boyd about  the project. 

15 December 2013
Author(s): Cathy Wylie and Melanie Berg
Publication type: Conference paper

This paper analyses responses to questions about National Standards in NZCER's 2013 National Survey of Primary and Intermediate Schools. NZCER Chief Researcher Cathy Wylie presented the findings to the New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) conference in Dunedin on Thursday 28 November 2013.

29 November 2013
Author(s): Melanie Berg
Publication type: Conference paper

NZCER has conducted national surveys of schools since 1989, drawing on the views of school principals, teachers, trustees and parents. Sampling methodology is used to draw a random sample of schools for the survey. Using the recent 2013 Primary and Intermediate School National Survey as an example, this paper gives details and some discussion around the methodology used. It explores the strengths and weaknesses of the methods used, as well as potential improvements for future surveys.

29 November 2013
Author(s): Jane Gilbert and Ally Bull
Publication type: Research report

This paper makes the case for deep and radical change to New Zealand's approach to science education. It discusses the implications of recent science education research and policy work, and argues New Zealand still has a long way to go to developing a future-oriented science education system.  It explores what needs to change and contains suggestions for some first steps. 

20 November 2013
Author(s): Nicola Bright, Alex Barnes and Jessica Hutchings
Publication type: Research report

This is the first report from a 3-year (2012–2015) kaupapa Māori research project that investigates how best to support the continuity of reo Māori development of whānau as they transition between kōhanga reo, kura kaupapa primary, wharekura, secondary and beyond. It aims to provide useful information about the reo Māori education options that are most likely to help whānau achieve their reo Māori aspirations.

3 October 2013